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When Hajar Ahmed lost: the title of the most beautiful face in the world

The young Egyptian star, Hajar Ahmed Ser, indicated that she lost the title of “the most beautiful face in the world,” stressing that she competed in international competitions after being crowned the Egyptian nominee for the Miss Planet contest, and she was getting high ratings in all competitions, but her refusal to wear a bikini in a special show caused a decrease. Rated by the jury.
Hajar, who recently starred in the series “Best Father, starring Ali Rabie.”
Hajar Ahmed said that the competition includes several competitions, including “Miss Bikini”, but she refused to wear a bikini due to the custom in Egypt and the traditions of society, which led to a decrease in her grades and affected her advice in the competition.

It is noteworthy that Hajar Ahmed, competed in the “Miss Eco Egypt” competition, in 2016 and was at the same time a student at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts, and at that time she won several titles, the most prominent of which was the title of Miss Planet “Miss Eco Planet” for tourism and the environment for the year 2016 of the United Nations, and she represented Egypt in international conferences to stimulate tourism and solve environmental problems.

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