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What is Trump’s advice to Biden?

Former US President Donald Trump on Thursday advised his successor, Joe Biden, not to fall asleep during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
“I wish Biden the best of luck in his conversations with President Putin. Don’t fall asleep during the meeting and convey my best wishes,” Trump’s statement read.
Trump, and his successor, Joe Biden, also wished before his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, that he would do what he could to earn Russia’s respect.
“When I was president, I had an excellent and very fruitful meeting in the Finnish capital of Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin,” the statement read.
He added, “Despite the false news that was issued later about this meeting, the United States won a lot, including the respect of President Putin and Russia.”
It is worth noting that Trump, during his previous election campaign, repeatedly called his opponent “Sleepy Joe.”
The Russian-American summit is expected to take place on June 16 in the Swiss capital, Geneva.

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