What is the effect of wearing a muzzle on pregnant women?

Researchers at the Israeli “Ben Gurion” University conducted a study on the effect of wearing a muzzle on the health of pregnant women.
The Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post” said that the study showed that this procedure may actually negatively affect the health of pregnant women.
According to the newspaper, the researchers compared about 1,800 women who gave birth during the period between April and June 2020, when residents were required to wear the muzzle, and data of women who gave birth in the same period from 2019 as well as in previous years starting from 2011.
“We found two laboratory and clinical results,” Lior Friedrich, the author of the scientific study, was quoted as saying.
“With regard to the first, we recorded an increase in hemoglobin levels and a decrease in platelet levels,” he added.
And the medical researcher continued: “With regard to the clinical findings, we observed a lower rate of premature births and a higher rate of postpartum bleeding.”


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