What is relationship of rotten fruits and vegetables to cancer ?!

Doctors and nutritionists have resolved the controversy surrounding a post circulated on social media about the relationship of rotten fruits and vegetables to cancer.

expert in digestive system and liver diseases, Dr. Noha Al-Hashem, said that “mold alone cannot be a direct cause of cancer, but it may constitute one of the causative factors.”

She warns that eating mold regularly, along with the combination of other factors such as bad eating habits, obesity, genetic problems and others, is what may cause colon, stomach and liver cancer.

Whereas, the Lebanese nutritionist, Chantal Hanna, explained that there are types of mold, noting that if it is in the form of a “thin, light cotton layer” then that rotten part must be discarded in addition to about two additional centimeters in order for the food to be edible and there is no harm to health Pointing out that “this type of mold is often found on hard vegetables and fruits such as carrots and cabbage.”

Emphasizing at the same time the need to “immediately and completely get rid of vegetables and fruits with pores and that contain a high percentage of water such as cucumbers and tomatoes in the event that they become infected with mold, because the toxins resulting from it have spread inside them.”


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