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What did Beijing respond to Biden?

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has revealed an article by US President Joe Biden in which he called for keeping Beijing away from defining global trade rules and modern technologies.
Biden had also emphasized in his article published by the “Washington Post” that the most prominent major democratic countries would provide an effective alternative to China in the field of modernizing physical and digital infrastructure, as well as health infrastructure.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin replied that his country regards peaceful development and mutually beneficial cooperation as a general trend of the contemporary world and a common aspiration for all countries, so “each country should support the objectives of the United Nations Charter, support the international system led by the United Nations, and contribute to making international relations more democratic.” “.
The diplomat revealed that “consultations on the affairs of the international community should be attended by all countries, and the final say in them should not be the preserve of several specific countries.”
Win Bin called for the international community to be steadfast in its adherence to the principle of transparency and inclusiveness, and in its insistence on observing the principle of equality in conducting consultations.
The ministry spokesman also expressed Beijing’s hope that “the United States will treat China impartially and rationally, abandon the exaggeration and exaggeration of the Chinese threat, and make more efforts to create mutual trust and cooperation between China and the United States, as well as for the peace, stability and prosperity of the world.” .

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