Strikes a nerve

Wed Decisiveness and Truth

Here is the American capital preparing to receive the new president, and the security men have deployed

In order to preserve the peace of the country’s capital !!!

Thousands of soldiers spread out on the streets of the capital day and night to ensure that the president could reach his place safely. But who is the president that the army gathered to protect?

Are what we see on the streets of the capital and other states, security men, or do you see them as ruling men ??

A few days, but the upcoming events are many, in light of the tension in the street and the fear of the winning side, we find many questions in front of us:

Is the presence of thousands of soldiers in the capital just a fear of riots ???

Is Trump’s departure in the morning the beginning of his admission of his surrender, or ???

Will the decision be issued that isolate Trump and take him out of the presidential war later ???

Or is it that the coming may prove to exist more and more ???

Do you see where Biden’s place may be in the coming days ??

In the White House or outside ???

Will the presidential pilot come on Wednesday morning to transfer Trump for the last time as president, or ???

In the coming days, clear and direct answers will appear, but there is no doubt that January 20 is the beginning of the real year 2021.

Because we may witness the beginning of a new world and not just the beginning of a year

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