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Washington: Expanding the humanitarian corridor across the border in Syria

The United States revealed that US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, discussed, during their summit in Geneva, the issue of providing humanitarian aid across the border to Syria.
And a high-ranking official in the US administration indicated, during a press briefing published by the State Department, that Biden and Putin discussed the Syrian file, in addition to Afghanistan, among regional issues in which some of the interests of their two countries coincide, as it was agreed to search for ways to cooperate.
The official touched on the Syrian file, saying that a “test” would come after about a month at the United Nations to determine whether the humanitarian corridor would be expanded in this country.
On July 11, 2020, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution to extend the mechanism for providing cross-border aid through the only passage to Syria for a year, and Russia and China abstained from the vote.
For its part, Moscow warned at the time that some parties are more and more exploiting the humanitarian file to achieve political purposes represented in undermining Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and indicated that the conditions on the ground in the country have changed since the establishment of this mechanism six years ago, which allows abandoning the method of providing aid across the border

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