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Wafaa Amer attacks “artists.”

The Egyptian star, Wafaa Amer, directed a direct criticism of the artists who participate in presenting festival songs, describing them as researchers of trend and fame, at the expense of the message of purposeful art, and although Wafaa did not mention specific names, most of the audience understood that the meaning was the star Yasmine Rais, who participated in the clip Habibi with a star. Festivals: Hassan Shakoush, and Somaya al-Khashab, who is waiting for the presentation of her first clip, entitled “I Promise You”, with Omar Kamal.

She added, I ask all my colleagues to search for the message and the content, because the country is heading in other directions away from the trend and the descending art, so we are supposed to search for the sweet sentence and the sincere feeling, whether in the song or the acting scene.

Amer indicated that she will have a new dramatic experience through starring in a popular series called “The Dream” that talks about how people’s condition has changed after they moved to places such as Al-Asmarat neighborhood.

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