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United Nations Coordinator in Lebanon calls for a speedy investigation into killing of activist Luqman

United Nations Coordinator in Lebanon called for a prompt and transparent investigation into the killing of the activist Luqman Salim, whose body was found in a car in southern Lebanon, noting that the Lebanese judiciary has opened an investigation into the circumstances of the accident.

In a tweet on Twitter, Jan Kubi, the United Nations Coordinator in Lebanon, said: “I am deeply disturbed by the tragic loss of Qomman Salim, a respected activist, journalist and independent, honest and courageous voice. I ask the authorities to investigate this tragedy quickly and transparently and to draw the necessary conclusions.”

He added, “This investigation should not follow the pattern of the investigation into the Beirut port explosion, which after six months remained inconclusive and without accountability … People must know the truth.”

body of the activist was transferred to Saida Governmental Hospital, after the forensic doctor completed his examination, and it was found that she was wounded by five bullets, four in the head and one in the back.


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