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Trump impeachment trial begins

second trial to impeach former US President Trump began in the Senate, accused of abusing power and obstructing the work of Congress, provided that members of the House vote on the rules approved by the leadership to organize the trial.

This second session comes after Democrats in the House of Representatives voted on January 13 to impeach Trump in the wake of the Capitol riots on January 6, accusing him of “inciting disobedience.”

Trump’s impeachment managers, who are members of the House of Representatives, announced the existence of compelling evidence against him in the ongoing trial in the Senate, and considered Trump’s incitement to rebellion “the most serious constitutional crime ever committed by any president.”

Trump’s comrades in the Senate are likely to prevent Democrats from indicting the former president, which entails support for 67 of the 100 senators.

Republicans say Democrats have no authority to put Trump on trial after he left office on Jan.20.


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