Strikes a nerve

Tripoli is a suitable place to settle scores

Hunger and want in the northern capital succumbed to the attraction of chaos, and the city could not resist the desire to scream in pain after its dreams were devoured and the hopes of its children were imprisoned between lines of letters that were read whenever needed.

Tripoli, like other cities, are heroes of politics, made of paper or cartoons that sweep the screens for rhetorical debates without any real action that helps the people of the North to escape from starvation or on the sidewalks of hospitals that in turn broke out of mercy before their rooms broke out of the beds.

The political parties today and in the face of this tragic reality seize the opportunity to take advantage of people’s pain and spread the virus of chaos among them so that those parties come later and prepare extortion vaccines among themselves to announce the effectiveness of their vaccines at a time when the men of the political parties seek to prove the adultery of the other side on the bed of a country that was exiled by Its rulers are then offered to be auctioned without shame.

Where is the location of Tripoli in a country that was sold to those who pay more? How does the city escape from the fires of political dependency, the lava of religious discrimination, and the soil of reality is suitable for planting extremist factions that fit the outbreak of the sedition war, so that the capital of the north becomes a place for settling scores and liquidating the factions whose time has come to replace their members or replace their names !! !

Are we going to witness in Tripoli what we did not witness previously within the surrounding internal and external facts that necessitate the opening of other fronts that suit the interests of the beneficiaries !!!

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