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The Pentagon reveals the destination of the two Iranian ships

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin revealed his concern about the presence of two Iranian ships in the Atlantic “carrying weapons to Venezuela”, but he remained conservative about any plans to prevent the transfer of these weapons.
“I am very concerned about the proliferation of weapons, any kind of weapon, in our region,” Austin said during a US Senate hearing.
In the same context, Kenneth Hoffman, a Pentagon spokesman for military affairs, described Iran’s sending two warships loaded with weapons to the Atlantic Ocean as a “provocative step.”
He also stressed that the two Iranian warships represent “a threat to our partners in the Central and Latin American region,” declaring that “Washington reserves the right to take the necessary and appropriate measures, in coordination with allies, to deter the delivery or transfer of any kind of weapons in the Atlantic region.”
He explained that the Pentagon knows that “Venezuela has been buying Iranian weapons for a long time, especially over the past year,” expressing regret that “President Joe Biden’s administration inherited from the previous administration many problems with Iran, including the issue of selling its weapons to Caracas, as well as Its development of its nuclear program. Addressing these problems should be based on several means, including diplomacy.”

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