Strikes a nerve

The Italian health scenario began implementation in Lebanon !!

The capacity of medical hospitals in Lebanon was unable to receive Corona patients, and the most difficult part is the doctor’s decision: Who might deserve oxygen from the patients more than the other? Rather, who would deserve life in order to get his share of health care !!

Who deserves to live in Lebanon that is afflicted politically, economically and healthily? How can a citizen survive in a country from which the reasons for continuation are robbed.

Here are the days, without a movement of those in power, for weeks, months, years, and Lebanon is still dying from political stabs.

Hunger, poverty, obscene high prices, theft and favoritism, then negligence and neglect. Today it was decided who deserves to breathe Who deserves to breathe Who deserves to survive because irresponsibility put the father and son in the place of the most difficult choice, and tomorrow may come to make you confused among your children who deserves to live who are they !!

Inside the corridors of the unknown, the Lebanese citizen walks with an art that may wear it in despair, or he may wear it in his hand to one of his loved ones, relatives or acquaintances, not only because he did not adhere to the means of health protection, but because he did not adhere to the ways of life because his silence from the pain of others did not hurt you yesterday, but you tried waiting in the seat of the viewer As if the storm will not reach your house, here is the storm now in your backyard, do you still cheer for that party and curse the other ??

Do you still bless that sect and curse the other ??
Do you still deny the homeland and believe in the leaders?
Do you still cheer for quotas and rejoice for coexistence without partnership ??
Do you still sanctify the difference in the constitution of race, color, religion and division ??
As for us from a fabricated partnership ?? When will you go towards integration into society ??
When will you rise from the bottom of the knot of the other and become you and the other in one form, which is the template of the nation ??

When do you wake up from your long slumber ?? When do you say the truth, may the truth save you from drowning ??

The time has come …

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