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The Israeli army reveals a new tactic for Hezbollah!

The Israeli “Walla” website, citing a source in the Israeli army, reported that the Lebanese “Hezbollah” is now using new axes that reach the borders between Lebanon and Israel, and they pose a real threat to the Israeli army and intelligence.
The source said, “Hezbollah did not use these areas in the past because of their ruggedness and the high mountains and rocks in them.”
He added, “In the past they used to send shepherds and observers to the missions of collecting information on the Israeli side and the activities of the Israeli army, but recently changes in the area are being expressed in new transportation routes.”
According to the source, Hezbollah’s new tactic aims to establish a combat doctrine whose tasks are to introduce fighting cells in the future that pose a threat to the Israeli military bases and towns adjacent to the border wall.


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