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The fall of the Chinese missile

Chinese media indicated, early Sunday morning, that the Chinese missile disintegrated as soon as it entered the atmosphere and fell over the Arabian Sea.
The remainder of the missile fell in the Arabian Sea (part of the Indian Ocean bordered on the four sides by Iran, Pakistan, India, and the Arabian Peninsula) on Sunday, destroying most of its components upon its return to the Earth’s atmosphere.
The coordinates show that it fell into the ocean in southwestern India and Sri Lanka
Most of the debris was burned up in the atmosphere, the bureau said.
On Thursday, April 29, China launched the main unit that will become the residence of the three astronaut crew on a permanent space station that it intends to complete by the end of next year 2022.
The unit, dubbed “Tianhe”, meaning “Harmony of Heavens,” was launched on board the “Long March 5B” missile – China’s largest missile – from the Wenchang Space Launch Center on the southern island of Hainan.
The unit is one of three major components of what will become the first space station China develops to compete with the International Space Station, which is the only station currently operating in Earth orbit.
It was planned to return this main stage of the missile in a controlled manner, but China lost control of it and fell to the ground uncontrollably, and it was orbiting the Earth once every 89 minutes.

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