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The fact of establishing the Russian naval base in Sudan

The Russian embassy in Khartoum said today, Thursday, that the allegations of stopping the agreement to establish a Russian naval base on the Red Sea in Sudan do not correspond to reality.
In a statement on its social media page, the embassy confirmed, “With regard to the reports that appeared in the regional and Sudanese media space about allegations of stopping the implementation of the agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Sudan regarding the establishment of a supply and maintenance center for the Russian Navy on the territory of the Republic, the Russian embassy in Sudan confirms that these statements Does not agree with reality. “

The statement noted that “the Russian embassy in Khartoum did not receive any notifications from the Sudanese side.”
Earlier, some media reported that Sudan announced the suspension of the agreement to establish a Russian naval base until ratified by the legislative body, as well as stopping any Russian military deployment in the Flamingo naval base.
And in a previous announcement to Russia on December 9, 2020, that it would establish a supply and maintenance base for the navy near Port Sudan, capable of accommodating 300 military and civilian personnel and receiving warships powered by nuclear energy.


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