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The currency is more profitable than the dollar

A time when the US currency is being criticized for being used by Washington as a tool for sanctions.
The analyst said, “The dollar index fell to its lowest level in 3 months, as the US Federal Reserve managed to calm the markets. But in the long term there are risks of symptoms of a crisis in the global economy, which contributes to an increase in demand for the dollar as a currency.” Less subject to fluctuations and inflation. “
The analyst said that the Chinese currency will be more profitable than its US counterpart in the coming period, and said that during the global economic downturn, China’s foreign exchange reserves continued to grow, as well as its economy, and in light of that, the Chinese yuan could rise significantly.
Regarding alternative currencies to the dollar during crises, he pointed out that the Japanese yen is stable against the dollar, and Tokyo has sufficient financial tools to ensure stability, and the analyst concluded that the yen is a “safe haven”, and that the Japanese currency shows stability during periods of market volatility and during economic recovery.

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