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The Brazilian doctor’s wife sends a message to the harassed girl

Camila, the wife of the Brazilian harasser, Doctor Victor Sorrentino, has published an apology for the victim, who was recently molested by her husband while on a tourist trip in Cairo.
The Brazilian harasser’s wife also shared an apology in Arabic and Portuguese on her personal account on the Instagram photo and video sharing site, blogging: “Our sincerest apologies to the victim, her family and anyone else who may have been offended. From the bottom of your heart, forgive us, Miguel needs his father, I excuse you, and pledge to compensate all material and moral damages.”
The story began, when the doctor published a video clip, asking several questions to the Egyptian girl, and took advantage of her lack of knowledge of the Portuguese language, and he kept asking her a number of questions that contain sexual overtones, but the girl thought he was talking to her about the papyrus, so she continued talking to him.
After he posted the video through his account on “Instagram”, the Brazilian doctor was severely attacked by his followers, and then came out to justify that what he had done was just “fun and used to use this kind of talk to joke with his friends,” and that he continued to talk because he felt that the girl You want to agree to continue talking.
Immediately, pictures of the harassing Brazilian doctor spread on social media, accompanied by comments calling for his arrest, and indeed the official page of the Ministry of Interior published a statement in which it indicated the arrest of the harasser.


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