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The Banque du Liban clarifies the truth of the “800 dollars”

The Banque du Liban revealed the truth of what was reported by Lebanese media about a draft circular regulating the payment of $800 on the price of the SAYRAFA exchange platform.
The Lebanese National News Agency said that the bank’s media and public relations unit issued a statement confirming that the draft was “inaccurate”.
And the bank’s statement stated: “Some media and social media are circulating a draft circular suggesting that the circular that will be issued by the Banque du Liban, which regulates the payment of $800, half of it in dollars and the other half in Lebanese pounds, on the price of the SAYRAFA platform.”
The unit confirmed in its statement that “this draft is inaccurate and that the circular will be issued and published for everyone on Monday, June 7, 2021. It differs from the current circulating.”

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