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The Arab League: Turkey is like Iran … and “its end will not be good.”

Turkish politics, and especially its interventions in the countries of the region, continue to draw harsh criticisms, from every direction, but they remain ink on paper, and remain confined to the scope of “attacking statements” that cannot change the reality of the policy pursued by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Quite the opposite, hardly a day goes by without Erdogan responding with statements that were more attacking on his critics.

The Arab League, in turn, criticized the Erdogan policy in the words of its Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit, who attacked Turkey, stressing that its end “will not be good” because it threatens many major European countries.

Aboul Gheit, during a televised interview, said: Turkey is intervening militarily against Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the Caucasus between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and it clashes with Greece and Cyprus, and attacks the eastern Mediterranean in the areas of gas discoveries, in addition to threatening a large European country such as France, and sending fighters to maneuver with Cyprus “..

He added, “It is on the verge of entering into a group of sharp disagreements with regional and superpower parties, to a degree that will not end up with them and their leaderships a good end.”

Aboul Gheit considered: “Turkey’s interference in the Arab region, like Iran, is very severe,” calling for “sharpening Arab energy to take a stand against Turkey’s actions in the region.”

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