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Tell my children that I love them

France’s fear of the coming terrorism was very clear with the statements and warnings of Paris by Jean-Yves Ludian, who expressed his fear of multiple and repeated terrorist possibilities targeting French civilians, just as what happened in the church in Nice, where the Tunisian (Ibrahim Aouissawi) attacked the terrorist and killed three civilians. They were guilty except that they were found in France to enter the church to pray, so what was the terrorist who slaughtered them one by one !!

The first victim was a man at the age of fifty-five who devoted his life to parish service in that church. The second victim was an old woman over 71 years old, whom Aouissawi slaughtered from vein into vein. The third victim (Simon), who is not of French origin, but for her livelihood I made her a resident of France, a Portuguese mother of three, and before she came to life, she said a sentence of several words. However, those words make us see the ugliness and ugliness of terrorism and its pillars. Simon’s last words were (they told my children that I love them) that love put an end to his long happiness, but he did not and will not Slaughtered the remaining love in the hearts of Simon’s children

When will the international world put an end to that terrorism that was and still is the cause of the suffering of many from different countries of the world under a religious pretext that is far from the truth of religion …

Stop violence … Stop killing … enough destruction … enough for everyone who stands behind the likes and dislikes of those terrorist groups of all kinds.

Ibrahim Aouissawi was in Italy in a psychiatric center, and according to the French statements, he entered France with a forged ID of an Italian Red Cross volunteer !! As for those who helped him to accomplish his mission and secure that forged identity, there are no official statements yet. Al-Owaisawi’s family stated that Ibrahim had not previously had any sympathy or cooperation with terrorist organizations, as his family confirmed that he did not inform anyone of his travel to France.

Ibrahim’s case is greater than a terrorist attack because the information of the persecutor expresses great and dangerous cooperation for several parties, and his attack with a knife on the victims raises many questions about the possibility of parties wanting to implicate other parties in a problem with France !! We will raise other possibilities in future investigations.

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