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When Twitter expels Donald Trump!

On January 20, 2021, the United States appeared to be equated between two separate scenes. The first is the one in which Donald Trump appeared to leave the presidential plane that took him to Florida for the last time, in a snapshot that never suggests surrender, but rather a tactical withdrawal towards defensive and fortified positions, pending the preparation of the possible factors for the resumption of the confrontation with (enemies: from the Democratic Party, And opponents: from the Republican Party) together. The second was the one whose chapters revolved on a podium built in front of the Capitol building, in order to conduct the inauguration of Joe Biden as president, in an atmosphere imbued with American traditional spirit but with a hint of Roman imperial traditions.

(Personalization), through which it is seen as (victorious) and (vanquished), to pursue that duo fight, which is taking place in the arena, and in which the defeated will be seen, even if he is in his full fitness, submitting to the referee’s decision to raise his opponent’s hand as (victorious) Even if he was exhausted from the fatigue of fighting! And (personalization), an American style that was raised, rather it is one of the expressions of (the spirit of America) that always searches for (its hero) to unite with him and give him its history, while it gives it its ability to renew itself.

However, the defeat of Donald Trump was not definitively confirmed by the Capitol podium, nor by the official results of the elections, but was confirmed in an unimaginable way, on January 9, and on the podium of one of the giants of communication technology: Twitter, which He issued a statement, taking the context and style of court decisions, explaining the reasons and justifications that led him to take a decision to close the US President’s account, without suggesting the possibility of retracting or modifying the decision, after (carefully reviewing recent tweets from Ronald Trump’s account, the surrounding context, and specifically how) Receiving and interpreting them on Twitter and outside, we suspended the account permanently due to the risk of further incitement to violence), then the statement continues its analysis of Trump’s tweets, considering that in the end it encourages violence, and it could warn of dangerous things happening, and therefore (and after evaluating the language) Used in these Tweets, against our glorification of violence policy, we determined that these Tweets violate the glorification of violence policy, and the user of Ronald Trump should be suspended from service immediately and permanently).

Excluding the US President residing in the White House with (full powers), including those authorized to declare war, while the nuclear wallet is still in his possession, the exclusion of him from (presence) on board a technological platform such as Twitter, as well as Facebook and Instagram, has new and different meanings Preceded, establishes in the manner of its overwhelming presence what will be the (new world) to come, which is being formulated, amid (creative chaos) caused by the Corona virus. Despite the bad relations that existed between Trump and the presidents of Europe, the reactions that emerged from the German chancellery and the French presidency were expressive of (concern about the authority of social media platforms), while European Commissioner Thierry Brighton considered that Twitter’s decision revealed (the fragility of our democratic systems, and the threat Which could be represented by technology companies, which are not subject to adequate control …), while Trump indicated that US law authorizes Twitter to make this decision.

In one of its extreme aspects, the expression of Twitter’s authority and its extent, the decision (to expel) the President of the United States of America from (the world of communication and its platform) can be viewed as a parallel to the death sentence in the (ancient world) and its reality. That is because Trump was present on the technology stage with his followers and his citizens who numbered at least 80 million (citizens). And this population block is Trump’s kingdom in the cyberspace of the world, to which he heads and through which he strengthens his battles. Language is the weapon that everyone possesses above this podium, but the language here takes its power and authority from its devotees, who are attracted by (its speaker) and its writer and what he chooses from its vocabulary, phrases and symbols.

With the decision of Twitter, these millions were displaced in the space of the virtual world, by exiling (executing) their leader, by closing his account / mouth and silencing him, so they seemed to be lost and lost, and they were unable to make any reaction to Twitter’s decision, so (the revolution) on board the platforms The electronic equipment does not exist and the weapons they bought from the weapons stores will remain waiting for the battles of reality, far from (the universes of technology).

Certainly, the usual traditional reading viewed the inauguration of Joe Biden as president, as a form of globalization restoring its leadership, on the way to restore its positions and work to expand it, but Twitter’s exercise of its power in this overwhelming way that is almost absolute, which expresses the narrowness of (the virtual world B) (Real world), indicates that the one who placed his hand on the Bible to swear the oath was definitely Joe Biden, President of the United States of America, but the one who raised his hand victorious was none other than the technological authority ruling this world in which we are and that next that is being formulated?

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