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Tarzan would not have stayed in the forests when he died

The American actor, Joe Lara, who is best known for performing the character Tarzan, was killed on Saturday,
The 58-year-old star was one of seven people who died when a small plane crashed into a lake near Smyrna, Tennessee.
His wife, Gwen Champlin, Lara, and five others were among the dead. Authorities indicated that there were no survivors in the accident.
“Our efforts have shifted from rescue efforts to recovery efforts, we are no longer … looking for live victims at this stage,” he said, a rescue official in Rutherford County, during a press conference.
The Federal Aviation Administration said the small plane, a Cessna C501, crashed in Lake Percy Brest near Smyrna, Tennessee, after taking off at around 11 am on Saturday, and was bound for Palm Beach International Airport in Florida.
Lara first appeared as the protagonist created by American writer, Edgar Rice Burroughs, in the popular TV movie Tarzan in Manhattan, before reprising the role in the television series Tarzan: Epic Adventures.

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