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Syrian refugee ran for German Parliament

Syrian refugee Tariq Al-Aws, aged 31, has run for the “Green” party in the German Bundestag, to represent the city of Oberhausen in the German state of Westphalen, hoping to become the first Syrian refugee to be elected to the Bundestag.

German website Deutsche Welle said, “Tariq studied rights in Syria, and with the outbreak of events in Syria in 2011, he participated in the demonstrations and joined the Red Crescent organization, then decided to flee to Germany in 2015.”

After applying for German citizenship, he announced his candidacy for the “Green” party, to represent Oberhausen in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

In a video he posted on his Twitter account, Tariq said: “Now I want to be the first person in the Bundestag to escape from Syria, to give a political voice to hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their country and who are living with us here in Germany.”

He added, “North Rhine-Westphalia is my home now, here is my constituency in Oberhausen, and the town of Denzlaken was the beginning of my political work.”


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