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Syria: You will be the center of attention

Syrian Economy Minister Muhammad Samer Al-Khalil revealed that Syria will be a focus for investors’ attention in the coming period.
Al-Khalil said in his statements, “We have clearly started to witness the entry of a lot of investment activities into the Syrian market, the largest part of which is Syrian, but it gives us an indication of the recovery that the country will witness in the coming period.”
Regarding the talk about the Syrian delegation that visited Saudi Arabia recently, he said: “Currently there are no contacts at the official level. The visit of the Minister of Tourism was within the framework of responding to a case for a meeting in Saudi Arabia within the framework of the International Tourism Organization.”
As he indicated the Syrian economic presence on the Arab arena, he added: “Today, there is a Syrian presence on the economic level, and we are seeking to restore part of the Syrian economy.”
He stressed that “there is an important participation of Syria, which will be in the “Expo” in Dubai, and there will be an independent pavilion for Syria based on an official invitation from the UAE side.”

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