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Syria: About 18 million Syrians are eligible to vote

The Syrian Ministry of Interior revealed that about 18 million Syrians are entitled to vote in the presidential elections scheduled for tomorrow, without providing an accurate census of the population.
Interior Minister Muhammad al-Rahmoun said the number of those entitled to vote is 18 million, and 107,000 Syrians, inside and outside Syria, after excluding those deprived of the right to vote according to the General Elections Law.
The number includes all the Syrian citizens on the database of civil affairs who are entitled to vote, and he explained that “there are many citizens forced by circumstances to leave for neighboring countries from informal centers, and therefore there is no accurate count of those in these areas.”
As for voting in “non-liberated areas,” the minister said that “electoral centers have been established all over the Syrian geography, while in the non-liberated areas that are under the control of terrorist organizations, centers have been created adjacent to those areas to allow and facilitate the citizens to easily and easily exercise their right.”
The minister pointed out that “all the necessary preparations and logistical equipment for the electoral process for the constitutional entitlement represented by the elections of the President of the Republic have been completed.
I mention the total population of Syria approximately 28 million.

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