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Switzerland and Global Health establish a bank

The Minister of the Interior of Switzerland, responsible for health affairs, confirmed that his country, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, will establish the first bank to exchange dangerous pathogens and new viruses.
He stated at a press conference in Geneva: Today, Monday, he announced a partnership agreement with the World Health Organization to establish a center in Switzerland for the exchange and study of dangerous pathogens.
According to him, there is talk about establishing a long-term system to store, exchange and study pathogens and dangerous viruses that are already known, such as “Covid-19”, which will be sent from all over the world to be used again in the production of vaccines.
Where the first biological center of the future biological group of the World Health Organization, which was announced in November 2020, will open.
The center will act as an institution for the safe acquisition and determination of amino acid sequences or ((nucleotides)) for biological materials, storage, and preparation of biological materials for distribution to other laboratories.

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