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Sultanate of Oman .. renewed and protests

For the first time, dozens of protesters, angry at layoffs and the poor state of the Omani economy, marched through the Omani city of Sohar, today, Tuesday, on the third day of demonstrations in the Sultanate.

The protests began in the city of Sohar, located about 200 km northwest of the capital, Muscat, which has become a flashpoint for the demonstrations.
Videos appeared on social media, a long line of riot police, as well as demonstrators apparently throwing stones at them.
The images correspond to well-known landmarks around Sohar, the first major city that residents of the Sultanate entered after crossing the border from the neighboring United Arab Emirates.
Other videos showed protesters Monday evening in Salalah, a city about 850 kilometers southwest of Muscat.
In addition to other videos that showed arrests yesterday, Monday, by the police using sticks, while the Amman police did not acknowledge any arrests.

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