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Soon results in relations between Damascus and Riyadh

Better relations are being made between Damascus and Riyadh, and in the coming days we may witness results in this regard. “

In a statement to the Syrian media, Buthaina Shaaban described the visit of the Syrian Minister of Tourism, Muhammad Radwan Martini, to Riyadh as a “positive step” and indicated that “it was not possible years ago.”
This came as a comment on the participation of a delegation from the Syrian Ministry of Tourism yesterday in the 47th meeting of the World Tourism Organization Committee for the Middle East in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.
As for the presidential elections, Shaaban considered that “what the Syrian people did is the most eloquent response to those who tried to describe what happened in the country as a civil war and tried to differentiate between the people and the people and the army.”
She also responded to the position announced yesterday by five Western countries describing the Syrian elections as unfair and illegal. Shaaban said, “The positions of Western countries do not concern us, and our people concern us first and secondly our allies and friends. As for those who sent terrorists and conspired against us, they do not interest us in the media campaigns that they carry out.” .


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