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Soon Putin and Biden meeting

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg revealed the upcoming summit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden, noting that this is in line with NATO’s interests.
“I welcome Biden’s meeting with Putin after meeting with NATO leaders. The meeting between the two presidents is in line with NATO’s position towards Russia, where we need deterrence and defense, as well as dialogue,” Stoltenberg said after his meeting with Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Shimoniti in Brussels.
Stoltenberg added that NATO countries should “seek better relations with Russia, because Russia is our neighbor and tension with it must be removed. But even if we do not trust the possibility of such relations in the near future, we should talk with Russia even in a difficult situation, and discuss issues of transparency and limitation.” of risks.”

He also expressed his hope that Presidents Putin and Biden would discuss arms control during their meeting, noting the need for “control mechanisms to include more weapon systems,” and that he would like to discuss this issue with Biden before the Russian-American summit.
It is scheduled to be held on June 16 in Geneva, the first meeting between Putin and Biden since the latter took office as US President.


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