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Sinking of the largest logistic support ship for the Iranian army

The Iranian army revealed that a warship sank near the port of Jask in Hormozgan province, after a fire broke out in it.
In a statement, the Iranian Navy’s second region in the port of Jask said: “The ship “Khark” sank in the port of Jask, after all attempts to extinguish and rescue the fire failed.”
She added, “All the ship’s crew was rescued, but the efforts of the 20-hour firefighting and rescue operations failed, despite the use of all capabilities and marine relief facilities,” noting that “the Khark military ship has been employed in training missions for more than 4 decades.”
Khark was the largest logistical support ship for the Iranian army, which Tehran bought from Britain in 1977 and received in 1984, when it was engaged in a war with Iraq.
The Iranian army had announced the outbreak of a major fire on the ship and the evacuation of all its military crew, without causing any injuries and without revealing the causes of the fire.


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