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Signs of an “Israeli-European” crisis …summoning of ambassadors!

Following an investigation by

“Shin Bet” that revealed that European and Palestinian governmental organizations had transferred funds to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Israeli Foreign Ministry summoned a number of ambassadors from European countries. In a statement, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that the representatives of the ministry met with the diplomats of those European countries, and explained to them “the seriousness with which Israel views this matter and presented them with the results of the investigation.” The statement confirmed, “The results included evidence that European government funds went to an organization affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which was classified as a (terrorist) group in Europe.” Representatives of the Israeli Foreign Ministry called on the ambassadors of those countries to “immediately freeze funding transfers to those institutions that work under the cover of humanitarian organizations,” stressing “the need to impose close supervision that will prevent the continuation of funding for this organization.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained to representatives of European countries the importance of conducting a dialogue aimed at tightening control and supervision of funds transferred to Palestinian NGOs

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