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Sezikova arrested at Roland Garros

A source in the French police stated that the Russian player, Yana Sizikova, was arrested at the French Open and placed under guard. The source did not explain the reason for her arrest.
The French Tennis Federation revealed her arrest, but said it could not comment further.
Shamil Tarbyshev, president of the Russian Tennis Federation, told RIA Novosti news agency that he had been informed of the 26-year-old’s detention.
The French public prosecutor had opened an investigation into the alleged match-fixing of the tennis matches, in the women’s doubles competitions at the French Open at Roland Garros last year.
The investigation relates to a first-round match on September 30 between Romanian duo Andrea Mito and Patricia Maria Teague against Russia’s Yana Sizikova and American Madison Pringle.
Reports said that one half of this match raised doubts.


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