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Senate passes Democratic budget. Biden: Our economy is in trouble

Hours after the Senate passed the Democratic budget resolution, clearing the way for Congress to approve US President Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion relief package without Republican support, President Biden declared that it was “very clear” that the US economy “remains in trouble.” .

And in a speech about the economy, Biden assured that he would move “quickly” to pass his huge package to save the economy in Congress, and that “this was done without getting Republican support,” noting that many Americans are approaching “the breaking point.”

In a speech at the White House, Biden said: “I see tremendous pain in this country, many people without work, and many people are hungry,” adding, “I think the American people are now looking to their government for help … so I will act and I will act quickly.”

Biden indicated he would like bipartisan support for the $ 1.9 trillion package that will finance the nationwide launch of stalled coronavirus vaccines and provide economic support to Americans, including $ 1,400 checks.

Stressing that his priority is to save the country where “(many) reach the point of collapse.” “I would like to do it with the support of the Republicans … but they do not want to go so far as I see it necessary.” “We can alleviate the suffering of this country. I really believe that real help is on the track,” he said.


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