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Safa Sultan, the way of Disney characters

The artist, Safa Sultan, starred in a completely different and bold look for her in the latest photo session she underwent, which included substantial modifications in her style in terms of hair and fashion.
Safaa Sultan appeared in a bold block, in which make-up played an important role, as she relied on a short dress and brown hair tending to orange, and highlighted the beauty of her face with blue contact lenses to appear remarkably and attractively.

The similarity between Safa Sultan’s appearance and Disney characters in terms of photography, hairdressing and makeup, which added to the pictures more aesthetics, and avoided pretension, and helped in this place of filming, which seemed like a natural place full of trees, to reflect the quiet rural life.

The audience interacted with Safa Sultan’s appearance, and some people admired her appearance, and her colleague, the Syrian artist, Rana Al-Abyad, commented, expressing her admiration for that look, and wrote: “Good news. In turn, Safa Sultan responded by saying: “My love.”


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