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Russia: The Syrian elections in Syria are legitimate

Russia has condemned criticism of the declarations of some countries about the “illegality” of the upcoming presidential elections in Syria, stressing that the holding of these elections fully complies with local law and international legitimacy decisions.
, The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement issued today, Friday, that Moscow is closely following the preparations for the Syrian presidential elections scheduled to take place on May 26, and Russia condemned criticism of some countries’ statements about the illegality of the upcoming presidential elections in Syria, stressing that holding these elections fully conforms to local law. And international legitimacy decisions
The Foreign Ministry added, “We proceed from the fact that organizing presidential elections in Syria is an internal affair for this country and fully complies with the requirements of its constitution that was adopted in 2012 and local laws, and these measures do not in any way contradict with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and other international resolutions that are adopted.” On the respect of the sovereignty of Syria. “
The ministry stressed that “no one has the right to dictate to the Syrians the timing and conditions that must be created to choose a president for their state.”
The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed its hope that “the voting process will be conducted according to national and international standards, despite the continued illegal foreign occupation of parts of the Syrian territories,” stressing that Moscow, within the framework of its response to the demands of the Syrian side, is ready to send Russian observers to the next elections.


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