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Russia and America exchange “START III” treaty documents

Russia and the United States announced the entry into force of the decision to extend their “START III” treaty on limiting strategic offensive weapons for a period of five years.

In a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that it today exchanged notes with the United States Embassy in Moscow regarding the completion of the necessary internal procedures for the entry into force of the agreement concluded between the two parties regarding the extension of the treaty into force.

The statement indicated that the decision to extend the treaty entered into force as of today, so that “START 3” will continue in effect until February 5, 2026 in its original form without any changes.

The ministry pointed out that the phone call that took place between Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin and the US President Joe Biden on January 26 played a major role in reaching this agreement, stressing that the extension of this treaty allows “to ensure the preservation of a pivotal mechanism to support strategic stability and its continued validity on the basis of parity to reduce From both sides’ nuclear missile arsenal. “

The statement emphasized that Russia and the United States, as the two largest nuclear countries in the world, bear a special responsibility in this regard, adding that the extension of “START 3” represents an important decision that guarantees maintaining the necessary level of transparency in this field, while strictly adhering to the balance of interests.


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