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Real Madrid will be the successor to Zidane

Finally, Zidane’s relationship with his favorite club ended after Real Madrid left without titles this season, despite the team occupying the Spanish League title and reaching the Champions League semi-finals.
Some media reported differences of opinion between Zidane and the Real Madrid administration represented by Florentino Perez, while there are those who talked about Zizo’s desire to take on new challenges.
Real Madrid made it clear that it respects Zidane’s decision and wished him the best of his career

Zidane had resigned from his position as coach of Real Madrid in the summer of 2018 before returning at the end of the 2019 season, specifically in March, and returning his team to the coronation podiums after winning the 2019-2020 Spanish League title.
There are names proposed as a successor to Zidane, as the names of the Italians, Antonio Conte, the German Joachim Love, and the Spaniard Raul Gwanzalez, or a new name will appear soon


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