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Reactions about presidential elections in Syria


for Secretary-General of the United Nations, Stephane Dujarric, considered that “the upcoming presidential elections in Syria are not part of the political process stipulated in Resolution 2254 of the Security Council. We are not a party involved in these elections and there is no mandate for us.”

He pointed out that the United Nations will continue to stress the importance of a political settlement of the conflict in Syria through negotiations.

In turn, the Syrian opposition forces, backed by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, denounced the announcement of holding the presidential elections in Syria, describing them as “theatrical.”

For its part, Turkey considered the presidential elections to be held in Syria on May 26th as “illegal” as they are being organized by the government of the current president, Bashar Al-Assad.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said: “There is no legitimacy for the presidential elections organized by the regime in Syria, and no one recognizes it


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