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Putin congratulates Raul Castro

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated former Cuban President Raul Castro on his 90th birthday, praising his contribution to defending the interests of his country and strengthening relations between Moscow and Havana.
In a congratulatory telegram published by the Kremlin on its website, Putin said Castro, “Dear Comrade and Dear Friend,” noting that the name of the former Cuban president is inextricably linked to major events in his country’s contemporary history.
Putin commented that Castro, by dedicating his entire life to defending the interests of his country and the struggle for social justice, has become an example of patriotism, courage, fortitude and political wisdom.
The Russian President also expressed his full conviction that constructive cooperation between Moscow and Havana will continue to be consolidated to serve the good of the two peoples, and finally, I wish you from the bottom of my heart good health, long life, high awareness, happiness and prosperity.

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