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Psychological disorders

Mental disorder: There are countless cases that express a psychological disorder, which may in many cases become related to some type of personality dysfunction.
One form of mental disorder is one who weaves for himself the personality of the victim, regardless of his mistakes.

The owner of that character believes in his fabricated role, and his conscious mind may separate from the truth to saturate his sick imagination with knowledge.

He exercises his real life with the utmost caution over his unreal personality.

Usually this person suffers from the reaction of the environment as soon as the surroundings realize that there is something wrong with their relationship with the patient.

This patient moves from a state of public joy to crying and from love to revenge
And from faith to atheism and vice versa.

Usually the patient hides behind emotional walls, and hides inside those walls to hide the basic flaw in his personality, which is the lack of acceptance of his reality in comparison with the reality of others.

Therefore, he seeks to introduce the defect in their lives, waiting for the right moment to show his hatred behind the walls of passion.

This patient suffers from lack of sleep, tremors and inability to focus in his life, so we find his reality on fragile ground most of the time.

The danger of this patient directly to the environment, knowing that no one may be able to determine a specific time for the emergence of these dangers to others …

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