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Pompeo warns of US President Biden’s diplomatic policy

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized President Joe Biden’s diplomatic policy, and in his first media appearance since the end of Donald Trump’s term, Pompeo said: “The American people cannot go back to another eight years of Barack Obama’s foreign policy.”

He continued, “I hope that they will press ahead with a foreign policy that closely resembles ours, which is based on the principle of America first.”

Pompeo responded to President Biden’s statement that “Trump has failed to confront Russia,” saying, “We have worked hard to prevent Russia from interfering in our elections. I am proud of the work we did in response to Russia.”

He added, “When I was Minister of Foreign Affairs, I presented matters directly as they are and frankly.” As to whether he will return to public service, Pompeo said: “It’s hard to know … I’ve served as a soldier for a long time and then had a great opportunity as a congressman, then two new jobs in the Trump administration. I think I’m now going to take a short break, then we’ll see what.” Is before us. “


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