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Pentagon: Russia challenges United States in Syria

Pentagon announced an increase in the number of dangerous incidents between Russian and American forces, considering that Russia is seeking a permanent military presence in Syria in a move to challenge the US positions in the Middle East.

In a press conference, General Kenneth McKinsey, Commander of the US Central Command, which has responsibility for the Middle East, said: “Russia seeks to undermine American influence and strengthen its identity as a global superpower … Russia’s actions in the region include the creation of a permanent military base in Syria,” It intervenes periodically in the international coalition campaign against ISIS. “

He considered that Russia is strengthening its military presence in Syria thanks to the agreement to lease a naval military base in the city of Tartus.

In turn, the Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, considered that Russia was “not an auxiliary party” in the Syrian arena, warning the Russian party against taking any “provocative measures” that might lead to accidents with the American forces.


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