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Pay attention from your phone and on your phone

An American woman burned her husband on fire due to his frequent use of his mobile phone, which caused severe burns to him, which resulted in him being taken to hospital.
The Ashtabula mayor’s office issued a press statement about the incident, stating: “The victim told the police that he and his wife were arguing about his frequent use of the phone when she came to him with a bucket of petrol, poured it on it and then set it on fire.”
The statement added, “As a result, the victim ran across the street to a neighbor’s house, who sprayed him with a water hose and called the police, then tried to help treat the man’s burns until the medical staff arrived.”
Smartphones have become a constant companion for many of us, and subconsciously many people tend to pick up smartphones and start scrolling through social media pages and text messages even when sitting face to face with friends and family.

Some tips that can help reduce your dependence on smartphones

First: Focus on doing more things that make you forget to check your phone, such as talking more and getting close to friends and relatives,
Second: Pause before picking up your phone and always ask yourself, Does it really matter?
Third: Try to set time limits for the use of your phone.
Fourth: Delete all those distracting games and applications that constantly push you to use your phone.
Fifth: Turn off notifications and alerts.
Sixth: Keep your phone out of your sight and out of your reach as much as possible.
Seventh: Avoid using your phone before going to sleep as much as possible, as it may cause anxiety, tension and eye strain.

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