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Paris Hilton Reveals Secrets of Her Adolescence: Placed in Solitary Confinement

Famous American billionaire Paris Hilton revealed that she was psychologically and physically abused while studying at boarding school when she was a teenager.
The heiress of the Hilton International hotel chain was featured in a documentary about her life, which she posted on her official YouTube channel in September, titled “This is Paris” or “This Is Paris.”
In the documentary, Hilton said she was abused, held incommunicado for hours, forced to take unknown medication, and said she was now seeking to close the school.
She also admitted that she had boycotted her parents for 20 years because they had sent her to Provo Canyon School in Utah.
The original idea in the film was to highlight Paris Hilton as a businesswoman and clarify misconceptions about her, but it evolved to talk about her adolescence problems.
Hilton said she didn’t want her film to be hit with teen problems at first, but assured viewers that the director kept encouraging her more and more to talk about it, until she realized that this could actually help a lot of people, stressing that she had received thank-you letters from many people.
In its first response to Hilton’s accusations, The Provo Canyon School said in a statement on its official website that “please note that the previous owner sold the school in August 2000. So we can’t comment on the management method or patient experience before that time.”

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