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Omar Sharif and his strange love story

His real name is Michel Dimitri Shalhoub, and changing his name had a strange story, as he loved the artist “Faten Hamama” before entering art, and at the end of 1952 Faten Hamama was divorced from Ezz El-Din Zulfikar and his friend Youssef Chahine was preparing for a movie “Struggle in the Valley”, and he assigned the championship to Faten Hamama and remained He is looking for a hero to co-star with, so he offered Michel to star in the movie, but he refused, but as soon as he learned that Faten Hamama would star in the movie, he agreed immediately, but there was a problem, which is that Michel Shalhoub’s name is not artistic, and the audience may not accept him because of his name Omar Sharif’s name was suggested, and during filming, Omar Sharif’s love for Faten Hamama increased, and after the film ended, he told her that he wanted to marry her, but he faced a problem, which is that he is a Jew and she is a Muslim and a Muslim woman is not allowed to marry a Jew, so he converted to Islam so that he could marry her and this resulted in this Marriage by one son, Tariq. Omar Sharif was one of those who converted to Islam, and there was much confusion around them, and his personal behavior was in terms of admitting to drinking alcohol and gambling and the personal behavior of his grandchildren when he spoke in an interview for the American “Time” magazine in 2003, in which he said that he had a Jewish grandson and another Muslim, as well as the roles he plays – such as the role of the saint Peter, who was announced by the Guardian that he was threatened with death by al-Qaeda!!! – It provokes anger against him and makes him always in a state of justification, to the extent that he was confronted with the question “Are you a Muslim?” He answers: “Yes, because I believed that Islam is the last of the religions. It came as a complement to the above and not in contradiction with it. Rather, it is a recognition of the previous religions and I am happy that I am a Muslim.” I have my own relationship with our Lord. I often speak to Him and ask His forgiveness and help, knowing that He is by my side, who protects me and guides me on my way so that I do not fall into error. I have never lied in my life or hurt anyone, and whoever hurts me I forgive, and all of this happens because I believe that God is next to me who supports me and teaches me.”

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