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Officially, Simone Inzaghi is the new coach

In a statement, the Italian club Inter Milan appointed Simone Inzaghi as its coach, to replace Anthony Conte, who resigned after leading the Nerazzurri to their 19th title in “Calcio”.
According to the statement, Inzaghi, 45, signed a two-year contract with the Milan club.

Inzaghi will make his first experience away from the Lazio team, which he has supervised since 2016.
And 8 of the top ten clubs in the “Calcio” ranking changed their coaches at the end of last season.
Conte had given up his contract with Inter, despite one season remaining until the end, after his conflict with the Chinese owners of the club, who are mired in financial problems and wanting to reduce expenses in the summer transfer period.
Despite this, he led him to his first league title since he crowned Jose Mourinho with a historic treble in 2010.
Inzaghi will be paid, according to reports, 4 million euros annually, which is about three times less than what Conte was receiving.

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