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New information about Corona

A senior WHO

official announced that the huge number of cases of corona is partly driven by the emergence of virus mutants, warning that loosening control measures may exacerbate the pandemic. The director of emergencies at the World Health Organization, Michael Ryan, added that the virus possesses “tremendous kinetic energy” in some countries, and that the leaders who believe that vaccination alone will stop the epidemic are wrong. He said: “The increase is driven by human behavior, the emergence of mutants and many other factors … We expect the virus to slow down and we are working to accelerate that.” Ryan also urged some leaders to acknowledge the “brutal reality” of the situation, saying, “Some of you are not in a good need to protect your health need to arrange the oxygen supply.” Ryan said that while the new virus mutants may help spread Covid-19, the driving force is “people close to each other, and that crowds and unprotected mixing or hand-washing remains a risk, despite the launch of vaccination programs

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