New features in Google phones

American company “Google” launched a package of new features for its customers, which will contribute to preserving their health and saving their lives.

company announced that, starting next March, owners of “Pixel” phones will be able to use their phone cameras to measure their pulse and breathing rates through the “Google Fit” application.

And in the new feature of the application, new cards will be available inside it, which must be clicked in order to obtain measurements. Google Pixel phones will guess the rate of breathing by opening the camera and looking at the movement of the chest by seeing the torso, and the phone will have to be suspended for about 30 seconds in order to capture an accurate rate of breathing ..

But it is not clear how successful this method will be, especially if you wear loose-fitting clothes. Will the phone still be able to tell if its owner is breathing or not.

In order to calculate the heart rate, after opening the “Google Fit” application, the owner of the phone will have to place his finger on the back camera for this purpose.

And noted, “Google” that the new feature announced by it did not obtain a permit from the US Food and Drug Administration, nor was it designed for medical diagnosis or evaluation of medical conditions.

Pointing out that it plans over time to add the new heart and breathing rates feature to more phones running the “Android” operating system.

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