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New champion of the European League

After the end of the European leagues, the curtain fell on the final of the European League Championship in the fiftieth season between Via Real, Spain, and Manchester United, England.
The Spanish club started by scoring in the 28th minute through Moreno and fair to United, Uruguayan Cavani in the 54th minute, to continue the tie, and the two teams resorted to two additional games and did not result in anything new until the European Final reached penalty kicks
In contrast to the mid-level match with poor goals, there were marathon penalty kicks and 11 kicks for each team were shot by all players, including goalkeepers, so the Via Real goalkeeper scored and the United goalkeeper missed the last kick in the match to smile at the final for the Spanish club and thus Real Madrid would be the hero for the first time in the history of the European championship. And coach Emery to be the most championship-winning coach

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